The Full Meditation Range 
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Alpha Meditation

Theta Meditation

Delta Meditation

Harmonic Meditation Kit

The Sound Therapy Range 
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Mood Elevator

Endorphin Release


HGH Stim

Jet Lag


Power Nap


Pain Control

The Manifestation Range 
available as download or CD

Healing Manifestation

Spiritual Manifestation

Love Manifestation

Material Manifestation


Psychic Manifestation


Abstract Manifestation


Sexual Manifestation


The Binaural Harmonic Range 
available as download or CD

Astral Projection

Chi Generator



Hypnotic Induction


Increase IQ


Lucid Dreaming


Instant Meditation


OM Meditation


Out of Body Experience




Become Psychic


Past Life Regression


Remote Viewing


Shaman Wave




Speed Learning


Stress Manager




Improve Memory

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