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Psychic Power Secrets Training Course will teach you everything you need to know to develop your own, real psychic powers to use at will including how to become a psychic medium.

Chapter 1.  How to Develop Psychic Powers: From the very first chapter you will learn the basics for developing your own psychic ability. Learn this chapter and you are well on your way.

Chapter 2. Harmonious Conditions: In this chapter you will discover the conditions required as a basis for your psychic power development exercises.

Chapter 3. Fear and How to Banish it: Fear is one of the stumbling blocks for developing psychic powers. Most fears are totally irrational, and this chapter you will learn how to banish them for good.

Chapter 4. The Subconscious: The subconscious mind is extremely powerful, and is the gateway to developing psychic ability and indeed almost any ability; learn all about it in this chapter.

Chapter 5. The Spirit World: Learn all about the Spirit World and the people living there. This is crucial information for anyone interested in psychic powers and psychic medium communication.

Chapter 6. The Health of Mediums and Psychics: Discover how health is an important factor in developing psychic powers, and how to achieve optimum psychic health.

Chapter 7. Self and Soul Culture: "Know thyself" was the mandate of the Delphic Oracle. Before man can undertake to govern and control external forces, he must learn to control those within himself, for only by doing this can success be attained.

Chapter 8. The Cultivation of Spiritual Gifts: In this chapter you will learn what you need to do in preparation for cultivating Spiritual gifts.

Chapter 9. Psychometry: Here you will learn all about Psychometry; the ability to form a psychic connection with objects, and psychically receive impressions from those objects.

Chapter 10. The Human Aura: Surrounding everything there is a halo or "aura," which may be seen by those with "auric site". Learn all about this valuable ability in this chapter.

Chapter 11. Colour and its Interpretation: Learn the meaning of the colours of the Aura, and read everyone like an open book

Chapter 12. Symbolism: Often important messages are received symbolically. Learn the meaning of symbolism so you can interpret those important messages.

Chapter 13. Telepathy: Telepathy, mind-reading, thought-reading, thought-transference, are all terms meaning very much the same thing. Learn all about the secrets of Telepathy in this chapter.

Chapter 14. Clairvoyance: Clairvoyance is the psychic power of seeing objectively spiritual beings, objects and things by and through the spiritual sensorium. Learn all about clairvoyance in this chapter.

Chapter 15. Dreams: Dreams can often be of the profoundest importance. Learn how to encourage, remember and interpret your dreams in this chapter.

Chapter 16. Automatic Writing: Automatic Writing means writing which is performed without the use of the conscious mind. Messages received can be very useful. Find out how to obtain them here.

Chapter 17. Crystal Gazing and Shell Hearing: Crystal-Gazing is a very ancient ability which the ancient Egyptians used it in their practices of divination. Learn all about it in this chapter.

Chapter 18. Spiritual Healing: Spiritual Healing means that mentally or physically sick people may be, a healed by the power of a spiritual energy, operating through the body. Learn this valuable ability. 

Chapter 19. The Cultivation of Sensitiveness: This is  the ability to sense or perceive in some subtle manner, auras, impressions and influences. Discover these valuable abilities in this chapter.

Chapter 20. Trance: Trance is a valuable condition for many psychic ability, and is the condition into which mediums may in order to receive messages. Learn all about trance in this chapter.

Chapter 21. Inspirational Speaking and Test Messages: These depend partly upon the activity of your own subconscious mind and partly upon help you receive from the spirit world. Discover how.

Chapter 22. More and Less Developed Spirits: Just as there are all kinds of characters and natures in this life, so there in the next. Find out about them in this chapter.

Chapter 23. Obsession and Insanity: Learn all about how people can become "possessed" and how to avoid and deal with this situation should it arise.

Chapter 24. Prayer, Concentration and Silence: In this chapter you will learn the truth and importance of these actions and states, what they can achieve and how they are important to you.

Chapter 25. The Human Fluid: The human body is charged with a certain magnetism which differs from all other forms of magnetism and electricity in the world. Learn all about it in this chapter.

Chapter 26. Self Projection: The ability to travel any distance by an effort of will. This valuable ability has many forms including Astral projection, Mental Projection and Out of Body Experiences.

Chapter 27. Apparitions: An apparition is a phantasmal being, commonly called a "ghost," which is seen by sensitive individuals under certain conditions. Discover the truth about "ghosts" here.

Chapter 28. Haunted Houses: Discover what a haunted house really is, and what part "ghosts" have in this situation and how to deal with the situation.

Chapter 29. The Difficulties of Communication: The process of communication is doubtless far more difficult and complicated than the average person believes. Discover why in this chapter.

Chapter 30. Hypnotism and Mesmerism: "Mesmerism" is derived from Antoine Mesmer, who founded the system  and "Hypnotism," from the Greek "Hypnos", sleep. Discover the power of these in this chapter.

Chapter 31. Personal Magnetism: In this chapter you will discover why some people seem to have the ability to strongly attract others to them.

Chapter 32. Prophecy versus Fortune Telling: This is a very important chapter for anyone considering consulting any "psychic" or fortune teller. Discover the truth about these people here.

Chapter 33. Reincarnation and Eastern Philosophy: Most religious philosophies of the East are based on the reality of reincarnation. Learn more about this important matter in this chapter.

Chapter 34. The Ethics of Spiritualism: This chapter deals with the frequently asked question; "is it right to investigate spiritual phenomena?" Discover the truth in this chapter.

Chapter 35. What Happens After Death?: This is an extremely important chapter addressing one of the greatest mysteries and fears of mankind. Discover the truth about the reality of "death".

Chapter 36. Bad and Perverted Uses of Spiritualism: Throughout history are told stories of witches, vampires, possessors of the "evil eye", etc.. Learn the truth in this chapter.

Chapter 37. Snares and Pitfalls to Avoid: Student of psychics must be on their guard against all possible sources of delusion and error. Find out how in this chapter.

Chapter 38. Physical Phenomena: In this chapter, learn about the physical phenomena of spiritualism, as distinct from the mental or psychical phenomena.

Chapter 39. Spirit and Thought Photography: Learn all about the secrets of not only photographing Spirits, but also photographing thoughts as well.

Chapter 40. Materialization: Materialization is the process of rendering solid or material, bodies through which disembodied spirits may function and communicate. Learn all about it in this chapter.

Chapter 41. Advanced Studies: This final chapter contains many advanced studies for developing advanced psychic ability for those who have completed the exercises in this book. Including:

Cultivating the Sixth Sense, Psychic Breathing Exercises, How to Awaken the 7 Chakras, Importance of Awakening in the Right Order, The Sacred Word OM and Meditation, Internal or Spiritual Respiration, Seeing With Any Part of The Body, The Development of Cosmic Consciousness, Power Over Animate and Inanimate Matter, Creation By the Power of Will

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Psychic Institute Audio Training Course

The Ultimate Guide to Unleash Your Inner Psychic Course contains everything you need to develop your psychic abilities and achieve your goals, including information-packed manuals, audios featuring effective mental exercises and specially created music to keep you focused, a workbook that will keep you on track to success and much, much more.

Get this course today and you’ll learn:

  • The absolute best way to start developing your psychic powers – follow this technique and you’ll be using your powers and achieving your goals in no time!
  • How to find your true calling – and use this as motivation to develop your psychic powers faster than you ever imagined possible

  • How to reach your inner psychic mind – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to do when you follow these simple steps!
  • Techniques for quickly developing your own psychic powers, talents and gifts – find out what works best for you and achieve rapid psychic development!

  • 4 ways to reduce stress – and why being able to “let go” is vitally important to your psychic development
  • Numerous ways to apply your psychic knowledge to make your daily life easier

  • How to create a “space” that will help you easily connect with your divine self – plus, two ways to protect your space from negative energies!

  • How to meditate properly – you would be surprised at how many people do this wrong … find out the right way and speed up your psychic development!

  • How to breathe during meditation – learning how to breathe is fundamental to reducing your stress level so you can open up your aura and unleash your inner psychic!
  • How to create your own “personal beach of time” – sounds relaxing doesn’t it? Well, you haven’t experienced true relaxation until you learn how to do this!

  • Two techniques for keeping yourself grounded during meditation – plus, how to determine which technique is best for you!

  • 6 tips on how to prepare and protect yourself best on your journey to psychic success – these tips will also show you how to protect yourself and/or recover from getting “drained!”
  • How to learn to trust your abilities and the spirits that guide you – this is often particularly hard for beginners to do … learn how you can overcome this obstacle quickly and easily!
  • How to overcome any doubt and skepticism you might feel – plus, how to develop the patience you need to succeed in developing your psychic powers!

  • And much more, including:
  • How to contact a loved one that has passed
  • How to achieve your goals easily
  • How to remove memories of unpleasant events from your mind
  • How to solve conflicts
  • How to clear and balance your energy system
  • How to clear your chakras or “energies” to restore your aura
  • How to get in touch with your inner voice
  • How to accomplish your goals by using your innate psychic powers
  • The ethics involved with using your psychic powers … and more!
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