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How Does Telepathy Work?

Telepathy is the induction of mental states from one mind to another. Within the field of parapsychology, telepathy is considered to be a form of extra-sensory perception (ESP) or anomalous cognition in which information is transferred through Psi. It is often categorized similarly to precognition and clairvoyance. Various experiments have been used to test for telepathic abilities. Among the most well known are the use of Zener cards and the Ganzfeld experiment. Zener cards are cards marked with five distinctive symbols. When using them, one individual is designated the "sender" and another the "receiver". The sender must select a random card and visualize the symbol on it, while the receiver must attempt to determine that symbol using Psi. Statistically, the receiver has a 20% chance of randomly guessing the correct symbol, so in order to demonstrate telepathy, they must repeatedly score a success rate that is significantly higher than 20%. If not conducted properly, this method can be vulnerable to sensory leakage and card counting

When using the Ganzfeld experiment to test for telepathy, one individual is designated the receiver and is placed inside a controlled environment where they are deprived of sensory input, and another is designated the sender and is placed in a separate location. The receiver is then required to receive information from the sender. The exact nature of the information may vary between experiments.

A person who is able to make use of telepathy is said to be able to read the thoughts and stored information in the brain of others.  It can also be used to transfer information from one telepath to another. 

It has been discovered that one of the Schumann resonance frequencies (natural resonance of our planet) had a particularly powerful ability to carry human thought.  This makes sense as it exactly matches the frequency of the brain when in a deep trance state.

The 70 minute downloadable Telepathy binaural music suite has incorporated the Schumann resonance and is particularly potent in developing and enhancing telepathic and ESP ability.

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zener cardsWe all have the ability to be Telepathic 

If you could have your own natural telepathic and ESP ability enhanced scientifically .....would you do it ? What possibilities would it give you ?

This is an amazing breakthrough in brainwave research. Using the little known 'Schumann resonance' (the earths natural field resonance) supplemented by carefully selected Theta harmonics your ability to read and transmit thoughts can be significantly enhanced .

brainwavesSo how does that work

We found that one of the Schumann resonance frequencies had a particularly powerful ability to carry human thought. This make s sense as it exactly matches the frequency of the brain when in a deep trance state


What is Telepathy ?

 Telepathy is the direct transference of thought from one person ( sender) to another person   ( receiver) without using normal sensory channels. 


ganzfeldWhat is the Schumann Resonance 

Between the conducting terrestrial surface and the ionosphere, a resonating cavity is formed. Broadband electromagnetic impulses fill this cavity and create the Schumann resonance. The frequencies are generally consistent at the following harmonics:

7.8 Hz, 14 Hz, 20 Hz, 26Hz, 33 Hz, 39 Hz and 45 Hz 

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