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Learn about aromatherapy and how to build a successful aromatherapy business following our on-line course 


Aromatherapy Part 1   History of Aromatherapy. Bergamot. Camomile. Glossary

Aromatherapy Part 2....Extraction. Lavender. Eucalyptus. Jasmine. Basic Back Massage. How oils enter the system. Glossary

Aromatherapy Part 3 . Physiological effects. Leg massage. Neroli. Melissa. Patchouli.  Glossary...

Aromatherapy Part 4 ..The initial consultation. Diagnostic Methods. Yin & Yang. Therapeutic Index . Sandalwood. Geranium.

Aromatherapy Part 5   Contra-indications.  Basil. Juniper. Clary Sage. Peppermint.     Ylang Ylang..

Aromatherapy Part 6  Aromatherapy and the elderly. Arm  Massage. Head & Face Massage. Thyme. Marjoram.  Rose. Fennel.  Carrier Oils.

Aromatherapy Part 7..Essential Oils in creams and soaps. Aromatherapy for Women. Sage. Black Pepper.  Camphor. Cypress.  

Aromatherapy Part 8 .Aromatherapy and Stress. Arm  Massage. Head & Face Massage. Cardamom. Frankincense.  Hyssop. Myrrh.  Case Studies..

Aromatherapy Part 9 ..Aromatherapy in the office. Building your aromatherapy business Cedarwood. Lemon. Cajuput.  Benzoin. Rosemary.  Case Studies...

Aromatherapy Part 10 .Building Your business part 2. Contra Indications 2. . Coriander. Ginger .  Pine . Lemongrass.  

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Find a list of blends that can be used for festive occasions, happy events, freshen your rooms or just to relax and unwind.


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