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Magic Spells 

Discover The Undeniable And Amazing Truth About Real Magic Spells, And How You Can Use Them To Achieve Everything You've Ever Wanted In Your Life...

Love, Money, Power, Success... Everything.

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Magick Power

This is the best magickal training course we have seen on the net; Well worth a look Click on the picture for  more



What is Magick?

Almost-banned, powerful book reveals all about magick, spells and rituals and how to use them to improve your life - quickly, easily and safely.

Here's a list of the secrets you will discover in this amazing, one-of-a-kind GIANT electronic book...

  • What magick truly is and why it's SO powerful... the different kinds of magick explained and how each of them can, and will help you - page 10
  • Exactly where most people go wrong with magick, the laws that govern magick and what to do to always receive an abundance of good stuff in life - page 11
  • The secrets of solitary witches - astral projection, spell-casting, divination, brews and potions --- why this works and why this book allows you to do everything 'solitary' --- without others finding out about your magick practice... - page 12
  • The broom, the magical circle, the cauldron, silver bells, crystal bowls, scarves, pentacles and the rest of magickal objects revealed at last. How you can get them and what they can do for you - page 13
  • The different kinds of magick - sympathetic, contagious, attracting, banishing, protective, binding - and how to use them for your personal use and even greater good in the world - page 14
  • The 4 + 1 elements of the nature, their colors, strengths and meanings AND the 15 the major and minor TAROT arcane explained - page 15
  • The real principles of behind all successful magick: mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, cause & effect, gender - page 16
  • Energy and the 3 planes of existence: physical, mental, spiritual. Most mages won't tell you about them and if you don't know this information many of your spells and rituals will fail! - page 16
  • What your own magickal place is and how to use it to increase the powers of the spells you cast... - page 17
  • Why having a small altar charges your spells with more powers, including how to set your own altar and use it- page 18
  • How to cast a magick circle to keep you safe from all harm and make your spells better... - page 19
  • How to cast a dual circle and even a triple circle for even more power and even more protection... Everybody knows about a single circle but have you ever heard about this closely guarded secret? - page 20
  • How to enter the "alpha" state of consciousness... this is were you have powers over your destiny and gain control over your life - page 21

"How to become calm, cure insomnia & nightmares and get rid of
  stress with a simple moon magick ritual..."

  • How to draw energy from the sun and always have it in unlimited reserves. Forget about feeling tired, it's time to feel ALIVE... - page 23
  • Personal energy EXPOSED - the 7 major chackras, 21 minor chackras and the other 101 energy points on your body that generate your aura or energy field and how to keep them healthy - page 23
  • What not to do when working with energy - ignoring this aspect can be DEADLY and not many courses will tell you about it! We show you how to make it safe - page 23
  • How to replenish your energy sources and never get sick again
  • How to develop your 5 senses to become more sensitive to magick energies and use them better.... - page 24
  • How to feel the energy in your palms, charge them and use them for healing AND feel your own auric field, detect disease and eliminate 'auric viruses' - page 24 & 25
  • How to feel the energy field of another person and even electronic objects like TVs, radios and computers... - page 26
  • How to see magick the energies of nature: animals, people, plants - in different colors and visions. This is the famous 'aura' that you keep hearing about... - page 27
  • How to see energy fields around your your own body to detect sickness or around other people to detect if they lie to you or not - page 28
  • Revealed: The mystery between energy and sound and how you can actually use your ears to HEAR ENERGY and change your life... - page 29

"We're not crazy for talking about this but did you know that positive
  energy has a nice taste & smell and negative energy totally reeks?
  It's true..."

  • Discover how you can develop your taste and smell to actually detect energy fields and use them for healing - page 31
  • How to project energy - this is the essence of spell casting, of black and white magick and of everything that's magickal... Discover how to reabsorb projected energy, pool energy, gather energy and create magickal circles - page 33
  • How to reabsorb energy to eliminate energy depletion and exhaustion once and for all - page 35
  • How to create energy forms and command positive energies to grant your desires - page 35
  • How to send energy to other people... Send positive energy if you want to heal them and even negative energy to hurt them - page 36
  • How to have the Universe help you with your energy work (and discover the secrets of energy passes and energy spheres ) - page 37
  • How to raise power from the 6 secret sources of nature and some advanced - but easy to do exercises - like the powerful "European Circle", "the chair", "the pool of power" etc - page 39
  • How to take advantage of the very simple and very powerful candle magick - page 41
  • Why you should always use VIRGIN materials for any magical use and how to make your own special candles- page 42
  • The north and the south pole of the candle + the color and how all these elements affect YOU - page 43

"The correct way of using magical oil for love, health, happiness,
  success, prosperity, confidence and protection to name just a few -
  page 44"

  • Over 31 oils and how to use them (health, well being, empathy, relationships, psychich awareness, purification, gaining control and living a balanced life, career, memory, concentration, meditation) - page 46
  • An Oil Ritual To Increase Prosperity - EVEN IF YOU NEED MONEY IMMEDIATELY AND THE MOON IS NOT YET ALIGNED! - page 48
  • How to use incense magick - perhaps the easiest, most accessible and very potent type of magick... - page 51
  • How to make your own special, powerful incense at home and what common pitfalls to avoid - page 52
  • Over 53 incenses and how to use them (love, friendship, stress, mental powers, wisdom, happiness, healing, prosperity, courage, strength, joy, success, travel, fertility, psychic powers, passion, family) - page 54
  • A powerful incense ritual for attracting love, deepening a relationship, consummating it or strengthening it during a difficult period, even when everything appears to have got into a rut... - page 55
  • A ritual for harmony which you can use when a colleague, family member or friend is intruding in your life, but you do not want to hurt their feelings - page 57
  • Crystals and protective magick - only takes 1-2 minutes and it's very powerful: stops 'evil-eye' and 'bad-wishing' for good... 58
  • Using crystals in pairs to balance energies, reduce stress and take control over your life and emotions... - page 59
  • Charging crystals with positive power. If you ever feel depleted just touch the crystal for added strength and protection. - page 60
  • Over 20 powerful, protective crystals to become untouchable by psychical, mental and physical evil doers and bullies (stability, security, emotional and physical balance, acceptance of self and others, absorb negativity, protect from harm, melt emotional or physical rigidity, calm children & adults, keep away night terrors, health, ban night phantoms and all forms of evil including the mythical vampire, emotional strength, purifier, energizer, replace negativity with positive energies , gentle healing and protection, and more) - page 61
  • A safe, protective crystal ritual if you're feeling anxious about traveling or moving house - page 64... And more protective rituals with amulets and empowered salt to keep evil away- 65
  • How to consecrate water to purify people, objects and areas and even remove stress and heal (effective ritual that creates sacred water to ensure the best results included) - page 66
  • How to create and use a healing sanctuary to remove pain, disease and illness - page 69
  • A short ritual for absent healing - it's fast and you can do this just once a month to constantly help family and friends who regularly need your help and support - page 70

" Discover The secret European healing ritual with sunlight and moonlight that combines both energies for maximum
  effectiveness - page 71"

  • How to heal yourself using the magickal power of colors. Each beam of colored light has its own wavelength and is absorbed by the body through the skin and the optic nerves and triggers complex biochemical changes. Use this to your advantage - page 72
  • Powerful healing rituals with candles, charged water and colored glass that heal both physical and emotional scars... - page 74
  • The Pentagram Exposed - how to draw, where to draw, why & when to use it for maximum advantage... - page 76
  • A formal ritual to restore prosperity - this ritual is so powerful it can even be used to boost employment in a town that has become an urban wasteland... That's the kind of power it has! - page 77
  • A simple, yet very effective, moon banishing ritual to get rid of unwanted emotions and stress - page 80 & 81

Now, there's probably one question on your mind? "How can I get all this amazing information?"

Well, you will definitely like this... You can get it RIGHT NOW. No shipping, no waiting, no nothing...

We have written all the secrets on an 'electronic book' on our computer that can be read on both PC and MAC, in any part of the


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Free psychic readings - Free ebooks, downloads and softwares on psychic development, mind control, esp, telepathy, and much more... includes free access to a sample of the psychic frequency downloads and psychic amplifier - silva mind control - psychic development institute - how to develop clairvoyance - cold reading - how to detect psychic fraud - how to contact your spirit guides - angels - opening the third eye - evil eye - psychic self defence - and much more

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Free Astrology, Numerology & Tarot Library

Free ebooks, downloads and softwares on astrology, numerogy, tarot, runes and much more... includes free Astrology and Numerology Readings plus access to a sample of the brand new astrological frequency downloads - free astrology software - free numerology software - free tarot software - astrology training course - tarot training course - rune explained - numerology training course - secrets of numerology - love astrology - vedic astrology - chinese astrology - 2012 prophecy - mayan calender - nostradamus -and much more

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Free Numerology Reading

" If You Have An Email Account, Now You Too Can Receive a FREE Sample Of One of the Most Strikingly Accurate Numerology Readings You Will Ever Read! " "I'm so determined to prove the astonishing power of numerology to you, that I'll happily send you a personalized sample reading based on your very own birth details -- completely free" Click on the Picture


Magickal Focus Frequencies

It Doesn't Matter If You're An Inexperienced Neophyte or a seasoned Magus - This Brand New Magickal Focus Technique will increase your power and potency

Discover the Secrets of REAL Magick & Sorcery 

 If you had REAL magickal ability, REAL WISHCRAFT,  What would you do with it ?  What would you wish for... Money? Love? Happiness? Friends? Health? Protection? Revenge? POWER?


Only the greatest sorcerers and alchemists in history have ever understood the true basis of magick and sorcery


With the power of Super Visualization your spells will manifest easily and quickly.
With the command of Unwavering Concentration your rituals will be secure and productive. With the control of Magickal Focus you will achieve all that you desire.  Most spells, incantations and rituals fail because the practitioner does not have sufficient focus or will to materialize the intent. Magickal Focus automatically gives the practitioner this focus and will.

Remember :

  • without Magickal Focus your spells are unlikely to work properly
  • with Magickal Focus your spells, rituals and incantations will get more and more potent.

The universe is a collection of vibrations and frequencies. Everything has its own resonance. 

  • If you know how a person resonates. You can influence that person
  • If you know how an object resonates. You can influence that object
  • If you know how any system resonates. You can influence that system

Magickal Focus allows you to tap into that resonance quickly and simply.

The process is very simple. You listen to the Magickal Focus frequencies through headphones or on stereo speakers. You do this at the same time as you practice your spell or ritual. The frequencies help to focus your own vibration and resonance. The frequencies help to raise and direct the energy necessary to materialize your desired action.

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a sample of magickal focus brainwave harmonics

Magickal Focus 

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Magickal Focus CD (includes shipping)

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Super Download Pack 1

Super Download Pack 1

Astral Projection, Super Astral, OOBE, Magickal Focus,Shaman Wave, Om Harmonic, Lucid Dreaming, Hypnotic Induction, Spiritual Manifestation, Love Manifestation

10 Harmonics in 1 download pack






Mega Download Pack

Mega Download Pack

Over 40 brainwave harmonics,17 subliminal  programs, 9 NLP programs, 8 nature sound programs + full version of Secrets of Brainwave Harmonics E Book. Click on the title for more information





Secrets of Brainwave Harmonics E Book

Secrets of Brainwave Harmonics E Book

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using a novel sound engineering approach we are now able to offer the magickal focus frequencies in a 70 minute musical format

If you want to listen to a sample of the harmonic frequency music please click.............. here


Magick Ritual



Senses Series 
 includes all the following downloads 
for a discounted price of $89.95:  
Magick Ritual
Psychic Development
Clairvoyance and Clairaudience
Past Life Regression



Compendium of Spells - click here to access

  • How to create your own wishing-well at home that makes all of your dreams come true

  • How to smooth the path of a rocky relationship with the "penny for loving" spell

  • The right way to cast money spells using wishing-wells to bring your money back 100 fold at least!

  • How a simple spell can boost your psychich powers to new height... You can quickly get medium-like powers with this one...

"How to use magick to find lost objects --- it doesn't even matter
  when you lost them"

  • The powerful purification spell you should use when feeling depressed, out of control of your life or after the breaking of a relationship to instantly make you feel a lot better

  • The little known spell that makes you more attractive and more wanted by the oposite sex

  • Two attraction spells for getting new love or making existing one stronger

  • The secret formulas you need to write on a piece of paper to drive away evil from your life FOREVER

click here to access

"How to break a curse, evil-eye or any magick that was done against
  you - FAST!"

  • How to charge windchimes with magick powers to protect your house and family... It's really easy and effective!

  • A simple spell to transform every action you take into a resounding success... Say good-bye to 'unfortunate coincidences'... Now you'll be a success in everything you do...

  • The ONE spell you need to use that will open a powerful communication channel and allow you to talk to friends, relatives and even total strangers who have passed away...

  • How to use a simple spell to always return home safely - no matter if you're walking, driving, travelling by boat or plane...

  • A simple spell to say before a flight to ensure that there are no unpleasant incidents...

  • Warning: Use with caution! A spell to be revenged on one who has done you harm and to steal his/her luck..

  • Ritual to empower magickal powders and triple the effectivness of any spell...

  • Two powerful rituals for the birth of a child (your own or other people's as well)... This will keep him or her blessed and protected...

  • A potent ritual to help bring peace in the world and protect endangered species... You'll receive IMMENSE amounts of good, positive karma from this one...

"How to use fire, water and wood to magically cure disease and

  • One simple action you need to do to become free from a habit, thought, idea; or get rid of past associations, guilt or blockages and live the life of your dreams...

  • Three powerful spells that show you how to use the incredible power of fire to protect you from harm during the day, even heal wounds and disease AND mentally communicate with distant friends, business contacts and so on..

  • A ritual that will bless your home and make your living a whole lot easier, stress-free and more satisfying...

  • How to add an extra magickal name to your existing one to incorporate their power into yourself..

  • A purification ritual that will make you feel like you have just been borned again... Calm, peaceful, stress free and in love with the world.

  • The very effective 'silk' money spell that brings more riches from the abundant source into your life

"A simple spell to heal depression"

  • A simple spell to energize yourself and help your body into healing faster when sick...

  • A shorter, but very potent way to make all your dreams come true with a wishing well - this one is really shocking...

  • How to neutralize the power of those who intend to hurt your reputation, pose a threat to your security in any way, or just want to do you physical harm

  • click here to access

" The powerful prosperity spell the most sought after mages in
  Europe use. It quickly, easily and automatically brings money into
  your life..."

  • Two spells to give you mental protection and drives nightmares away...

  • How to easily release all the negative energy that stops you from reaching your goals and hinders your development..

  • A strength spell that will help you open those darn pickle jars and bottles, lift bigger weights and so on...

  • The "three times three spell" that will make someone see his/her errors and bring justice to their corrupt ways

  • A spell that brings you happiness and comfort by soothing the mind and soul

  • Two spells to use against bullies and trouble makers and keep them out of your life forever...

  • The "mirror" spell that instanly breaks the power of another spell

  • A "mirror" spell for the protection of your home and your loved ones

  • The "silver" spell that automatically brings money into your life...

  • A spell that gives you the power to make prophecies to use for yourself, for other people and even go down in history for them...

  • How to get rid of negative energies (your own or picked up from others) forever by casting one of these 3 easy spells...

click here to access

"A spell to receive help from the Universe and dramatically increase
  your chances of winning in court"

  • The official Wiccan Pentagram Ritual that gives your protection and increases the power of all spells...

  • A simple, 1-line spell that will stop evil doers from harming you... Do you know this one?

  • A quick ritual to protect yourself against evil spirits & haunted places

  • How to use elf magick to protect animals or children against harm and disease...

  • The secret third eye ritual that increases magick powers amd a spell that doubles the effectivness of the ritual...

  • The most important third eye ritual will increase BOTH your magical powers and energy

  • How to aquire "joyful energy", "healing energy” or "passionate energy" in several minutes...

  • The single action you need to take to get rid of unwanted guests without being rude...

"The most powerful spell that will protect you, your friends and
  family against ugly car accidents..."

click here to access

  • A spell to have lost animals & pets return: dogs, cats, birds and so on...

  • A spell to win a hand-to-hand fight... Especially good when you're forced to fight with somebody, are attacked on the street or pratice martial arts..

  • A 3 line spell against slander and gossip

  • A spell to cause your worst enemies to wither... They will shrivel, fade and decay!

  • Three secret spells to protect your house and family, to bless your house and clean it from evil energies...

  • How a simple spell with a bottle can make you more money

  • How to magically end a personal, family or business relationship that you no longer wish to be in

  • A spell for dealing with someone who is annoying, really gets on your nerves or stresses you out by intruding in your life or violating your space.

  • A spell to warn you of future financial problems and a spell to counter them and bring more prosperity...

"Two powerful glamour spells that will make you 5 times more
  attractive and 10 times more sexy!"

  • A spell to turn away curses that were casted against you or the ones you love...

  • A powerful spell to restore peace to an unhappy home

  • Four charms and one powder to gain favor of the judge and jury and enhance your chances of legal success - and all are very powerful!

  • Four spells to bring more good luck in your life... 'Fortunate' events will begin to happen at every corner... Warning: Your friends might envy you for this!

click here to access

Important Note: We're not playing here... we're really giving you all the spells, charms and rituals to really enjoy life and live it to the maximum...

  • Four "flower" spells and three wish spells to receive guidance and answers to your questions, and make your wishes come true...

  • How to transform sand into money at the beach

  • A banishing ritual to stop the past running your future and take charge of your own life...

  • A chant to bring swift justice to those who treat you unfairly

  • A spell to protect yourself and your loved ones from the criticism and hate of another.

  • How to make your skin and hair radiate with natural beauty with two simple spells...

  • How to use simple moon magick to lose weight --- and even gain weight --- as you please and when you please...

  • A very effective spell to have a restful sleep... I had many sleepless nights because of problems and stress... This spell has instantly solved the problem for me...

click here to access






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